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Butterfly Jungle

Butterfly Jungle

There’s something aflutter at San Diego, CA’s Safari Park! The Butterfly Jungle exhibit is here and not to be missed. Butterfly jungle allows you the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with 14 different species of butterfly. As you walk through the lush gardens of this specially constructed exhibit, you’ll be inspected by the beautifully colored denizens of this enclosed jungle. Put on brightly colored clothes for a chance to have butterflies perch right on your shoulder, cap, or any available surface they might find!


This gentleman’s head is clearly the place to be seen!


Looking sharp in stripes!

You’ll notice upon entrance that it’s quite warm inside. This is because butterflies are cold blooded creatures, and require warmer temperatures to take flight. The balmy temperatures ensure that the butterflies are their most active, and that you’ll have the chance to see them gracefully flutter overhead.


Pretty in purple

Be sure to get your tickets upon entrance if you want to avoid the lines. Crowds are let in at various time increments, so that there are never so many people inside as to spoil the show. Butterfly Jungle will be open until April 7th, 2013, and won’t return till next Spring, so if you’re a butterfly lover, don’t miss this chance!


This lady’s bright, white shirt was a popular butterfly rest-stop.


It looks like they are deep in conversation, let’s not disturb them.

Butterflies In The Wild

Want to get aquainted with butterflies in the wild? Do a search on the various species native to your area and head out for a butterfly hike. Be sure to look up what kinds of plants your favorite butterfly prefers. Butterflies are very particular creatures, who tend to make their homes on one specific type of plant. This is called their host plant, because it’s where they lay their eggs and bring a new generation of butterflies into the world. When those eggs hatch, thousands of tiny caterpillars will start munching away at these leaves, which are the only type of food that caterpilar will be able to digest until it becomes a butterfly itself. This is why it is so important to look after the native plant life where you live. There are creatures who depend on all different types of vegetation, and when it’s gone, so are they.

Here in San Diego, we have several native species you might stumble upon.


Here’s a Bramble Hairstreak. A green butterfly that almost looks like a leaf! (This one is sitting on the rock in the center, can you see it?)

behr's metalmark 1

Behr’s Metalmark. It’s not all about being flashy! Some butterfly prefer to blend in with their surroundings.


The Quino Checkerspot

gabbs 2

The Gabbs Checkerspot

Grab a buddy, get outside and start exploring to discover what other marvelous creatures are waiting for you!

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