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Not much time to write this week. I’m painting watercolors to decorate my niece & nephew’s nursery. There will be 9 total, two down, only 7 more to go (for this wall anyway!) I help take care of my niece every other week, because daycare is expensive these days!


They are 18X24 inches. We’re doing one wall dedicated to creatures of the Pacific ocean (above: the noble sheep crab, below: a very spirited jellyfish). One wall will be dedicated to animals of the California wetlands and estuaries, and the last to animals of the California woodland areas. You see a lot of nurseries with alphabet letters, and other educationally themed decor, we’ve decided to do more of an education focused on the natural world!


You can see my reflection in this one! Not my best angle, I took the photo with the painting set on the ottoman, and me looking down from a standing position.

3/12/13 Here’s an update (original post March 6th 2013): Two new additions (and one in progress)


Here’s a green sea turtle on the move. I’m debating as to whether or not I should add a back flipper. In the reference picture you couldn’t see one, but I feel like he looks unfinished. What do you say?


A bioluminescent squid (this paint glows in the dark and is blacklight sensitive.)


Two garibaldis in progress (again, glow in the dark/blacklight sensitive paint) the one with the blue spots is a juvenile.

Update: 3/15/13 Garibaldi’s are finished. This one is a combination watercolor and acrylic


Update: 3/27/13

I actually finished this one last week, but I’ve been slow to post! A bioluminescent octopus, glow in the dark and black light sensitive!


Update: April 4th 2013, a cute Spanish shawl nudibranch joins the team.


This nursery will also serve as a playroom when my nephew comes to visit!



  1. Muffin Man · March 15, 2013 Reply

    They’re so cute I might just explo…KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Marcotte N' Marcotte · March 15, 2013 Reply

    Oops, sorry about that!

    When you say cute, are you talking about the babies or the paintings? ;P

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